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About Us

Just Coffee and Tea is based in the Northwest Portland, Oregon area. We were founded in 2014 for the purpose of funding education for children in rural coffee and tea producing regions around the world. We are set up as a benefit corporation. A benefit corporation is a company that has high social standards, increased transparency and a positive impact on society. To learn more about Benefit Corporations visit their information center at


Why we started Just Coffee and Tea

Just Coffee and Tea was created to fund enhanced educational opportunities for underserved children. Many schools in coffee and tea producing regions of the world would love to have enhanced educational opportunities, but often times they cannot afford to purchase all the materials needed to fund these projects. This company was created with the purpose to help close that funding gap to enable schools to implement valuable educational tools. Our company does this by donating all of its after tax proceeds to our partner organization, Just Educational Opportunities. Want to learn more about Just learning Opportunities? Visit their website at

Transpancy is a Must!

Because Just Coffee and Tea sells products, when starting this business, it legally had to be made into a for-profit company. To still achieve our educational goals and mission of the company, the founders of Just Coffee and Tea created a nonprofit named Just Learning Opportunities though which all of the coffee and tea proceeds are donated to. In turn, Just Learning Opportunities focuses on meeting educational needs in the agricultural regions where our products are grown.

How we are Helping

Recently, Just Learning Opportunities has worked with a local Nepali school and a nonprofit organization focused on education to install a computer lab at a Nepali school. This computer lab has 30 computer systems complete with adaptive learning software to help individually aid in the students’ education. We were able to fund a server, network, and student PC’s installed at this school because of our customers' purchases of coffee and tea! To learn more about this school, this computer lab and Just Learning Opportunities, please visit their website at

About the Founders

The founding members of this company are John Cartwright V and his son John Cartwright VI. John Cartwright V has been with Intel for over twenty years. He has led Intel Education Service Corp (Education-Service-Corps) trips to Kenya and Haiti, and recently coached a team in Nepal. He started this company to fulfill his love of specialty coffees and teas and to give back to the communities that produce these products. Through his volunteer work abroad he has seen local schools in need of enhanced education and coffee and tea plantations where some of our products are grown. John believes that by marketing the products from these areas he could not only provide his customers with specialty coffees and teas, but make enhanced educational programs a reality for these schools by donating all of the after tax proceeds to charity.

John Cartwright VI is currently an undergraduate Business student at Gonzaga University.  John has been using his business skills to help structure and form this company, along with his technology skills to help design, build and maintain our company’s website. John has also visited coffee plantations in Kenya where he helped his father set up two computer labs in local skools named "Barracks" and "Kenyatta" both located on the outskirts of Thika, Kenya. Both founders believe in the importance of giving back to the communities they have traveled to and the value of education to children around the world.