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Our Coffee

We are currently importing green coffee beans from Nepal. These beans have been roasting nicely and cup very well. We personally belive they make a great tasting medium to dark roast cup of coffee.


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Nepali AA Green Coffee Beans

100% Nepali AA Green Coffee Beans are grown in the south central Palpa region of Nepal at an elevation of just under 5,000ft.



Nepali AA Roasted Coffee Beans

AA organic Himalayan grown in the Palpa region of Nepal. Our profile roaster will customize each batch to our customer's specific order.


*Due to loss of moisture during roasting, all 1lb dark roasts will be packaged in 14oz bags.

What We Hope to Offer Soon

Peaberry Beans

Generally, there are two coffee seeds inside each coffee cherry. Peaberry beans are unique in that when they grow, there is only one seed inside the cherry. These types of beans are rare and only occur in about five to ten percent of a crop. They are normally much smaller than AA grade coffee beans and have a more rounded shape. In the past, peaberry beans were considered inferior and discarded from the harvest, now they are considered to be a specialty bean due to their rareness and unique flavor.

Kenyan AA Beans

We also hope to offer AA sized Kenyan coffee beans to our customers once we establish further connections with our Kenyan coffee supplier.

* Our products will be shipped within two business days of receiving the order!

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