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Just Coffee and Tea offers our customers single origin specialty coffee and teas. We are currently importing all of our products from Nepal. Our 100% Nepali AA Green Coffee Beans are grown in the south central Palpa region of Nepal at an elevation of just under 5,000 ft. We look for products that are both organic and responsibly produced. Our Nepali tea is grown in the south-east region of the country at the base of the Himalayan Mountains, ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level. We not only provide our customers with top quality products; we provide them with the satisfaction of knowing that their purchases directly invest in a sustainable future for children in developing countries.

Product Origin

Our Coffee

Coffee beans are the seeds inside a coffee cherry, which grow in clusters on a coffee bush. A coffee cherry is at its best and ready for harvest when it turns from green to a bright red color. Because cherries grow in whorled clusters around the bush branches, and not all cherries ripen at the same time, carefully handpicking only the ripe cherries while leaving the green ones on the trees can be a challenge and is a bit of an art. The process of picking these cherries is tedious and time intensive.


Once picked, the coffee cherries are washed, and then pitted to gain access to the coffee seeds (beans) inside. There are usually two green coffee beans inside each coffee cherry. The green beans are washed and then soaked to remove any dirt from them. Next, the beans are laid out in the sun to dry. Finally, the dried beans are sorted according to size, packaged and shipped to Just Coffee and Tea. This entire process, from handpicking the cherries to packaging the dried beans is very labor intensive.


Our Tea

We are currently offering our customers a variety of teas grown in the mountainous Illam region of Nepal. The tea plants are generally regarded as being very healthy due to the lack of pollution at these high altitudes. Our teas have ideal growing conditions with plenty of rainfall and a warm climate. As with our coffee, our tea is handled with the with the utmost care and delicacy.