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Just Coffee and Tea offers a wide variety of Nepalese tea products. Our delicate Ilam First Flush is similar in taste and flavor to the famous first flush Darjeeling. We also offer other Nepali teas such as light Green Tea and citrusy Lemongrass Tea. As with our coffee, we provide our customers with exceptional teas at competitive prices; all for a great cause. Our company looks for products that are both organic and responsibly produced. We not only provide our customers with top quality products; we provide them with the satisfaction of knowing that their purchases directly invest in a sustainable future for children in regions where we source our products.


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Nepali Ilam First Flush

This honey color tea has a comparable flavor to the first flush Darjeeling. It is also the first tea harvested in the season, making it harvested with the most care.


Nepali Green Tea

This is an orthodox tea of Spring Season. It is light in both color and taste but surprisingly rich for a green tea.


Nepail Masala Tea

Nepalese mixed spice tea. This tea is a special blend of black tea, herbs, and spices.


Nepali Lemongrass tea

This is a traditional black tea that is infused with lemongrass to create a refreshing citrus taste and aroma.


Nepali Ilam Autumn Flush

Ilam Autumn Flush is harvested from the beginning of October through the end of November. It has a smooth consistency with a musky taste and tangy aroma.


What We Hope to Offer Soon

Kenyan Teas

We are currently in the process of reaching out to tea suppliers in Kenya to give our customers a wider variety of teas to choose from.

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